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Experience Michigan’s fall colors in Tahquamenon Country

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking Michigan Fall Color in Tahquamenon Country! Visit today to see beautiful landmarks covered in colorful leaves.

Your eyes will be dazzled by the magnificent canvas of Michigan’s fall colors created by the climate and changing leaves. Visit the many places of beauty during your Upper Peninsula fall color tour. View the dramatic hues unfolding around Tahquamenon Country.

Where to tour Michigan’s fall colors

Guests flock to many of our great attractions and towns during the fall, especially Tahquamenon Falls State Park, the Upper Tahquamenon Falls and Paradise. While here, you’ll be in awe over the crimson reds, purples, and brilliant orange and yellow leaves that canopy our beautiful landmarks each fall. Read more

When is the best time to see fall colors in the Upper Peninsula?

U.P. fall colors vary each year, but typically they run from mid-to-late September through mid-to-late October. We encourage you to keep up with the Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association's weekly fall color report for Chippewa and Luce Counties in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. That way you can see the breathtaking colors for yourself at just the right time.


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Blackburian Warbler on a pine tree limb
The Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat heading up the river.
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Young black bear clawing at a tree
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a bronze CCC statue
The northern lights over Lake Superior