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ATV Riding in Newberry, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula is quickly becoming a popular place for exploring Michigan ORV Trails — thrill yourself on three of the best in Luce County!

Looking for incredible ORV trails near you? Your search is over. We welcome Upper Peninsula ORV recreation enthusiasts to beautiful Tahquamenon Country! Enjoy over 200 miles of great Upper Michigan ATV/ORV Trails all over Tahquamenon Country, in the heart of the Upper Peninsula. UTVing is one of the fastest-growing active adventure sports in the United States, and more and more visitors travel each year from all over the country to ride our trails — some of the best ORV trails in Michigan.

Top ATV Trails in Newberry

A network of trails through the Lake Superior State Forest wilderness provides the Upper Michigan ATV enthusiast with many hours of unsurpassed riding. Most of the forests north of 4 Mile Corner (4 miles north of Newberry on M-123 towards Tahquamenon Falls) are open to off-roading. State Forest roads are also open to ORV users unless otherwise posted. In addition, almost all of the many seasonal roads throughout Luce County are open to ORV enthusiasts unless gated.

Upper Peninsula UTV/ORV Trails

Six DNR-maintained trails surround Tahquamenon Country, and Luce County is home to three of the finest:

Pine Ridge

UTV/ATV/ORV Trail/Cycle Route

Trail Length: 49 Miles

The Pine Ridge ATV/ORV Trail/Dirt Bike Trail is located just off of Deer Park Road (CR 407). Turn west on CR 416 for parking and restrooms at the trailhead. 

Two Hearted

UTV/ATV/ORV Trail/Cycle Route

Trail Length: 36 Miles

This trail is designated for ATV/ORV/Cycle Route (dirt biking) usage and connects to the Pine Ridge Trail. The trailhead is also located on CR 416 with ample parking and a restroom.

Silver Creek

UTV/ATV/ORV Trail/Cycle Route

Trail Length: 34 Miles

This ATV/ORV trail is located three miles north of Newberry. Head north on M-123, then turn west on CR 446. There is trailhead parking here for your convenience.

More ATV trails

ATV trail riding enthusiasts also enjoy the following trails: Danaher Trail (north of Seney), Sandtown Trail (southwest of Newberry), and Newberry/Rexton Trail (extending south of Newberry through Rexton).

Plan your ATV trip to Newberry

Come enjoy some of the best ATV trails in Michigan here in Newberry. While you’re here, don’t forget to take a break from riding and enjoy the plethora of Tahquamenon Country outdoor attractions, recreation sites and tourism opportunities our area has to offer.

UTV Resources

For additional Upper Peninsula ATV/ORV information, regulation and detailed Michigan ORV trail maps, please visit the Newberry Department of Natural Resources Operation Center, located just north of Newberry at the intersection of M-28 and M-123. You can also call their office at (906) 293-5131.

Michigan ATV / ORV Resources:


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Tahquamenon Falls in summer
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