Young black bear clawing at a tree

Oswald's Bear Ranch: An attraction for the family

Experience the largest bear ranch in America! Oswald’s Bear Ranch is home to 40 bears, and you can even feed and take photos with some of them.

This complex is the largest bear ranch in the United States and a family-friendly attraction in Newberry, Michigan. Since opening to the public in 1997, Oswald's Bear Ranch has grown both in size and in bears. The ranch now has 40 bears, two huge habitats — 1/2 and 1/3 mile in perimeter — and two habitats that are 1/4 mile in perimeter each. The yearling bears have a wonderful waterfall within their habitat. Rescued cubs are brought here every year and they are always a joy to see. Area youth enter contests yearly to name these adorable newborns. People love to see them grow, play and become adult bears. We invite you to explore Oswald's Bear Ranch for an affordable and fun experience. 

Meet the cubs: A Unique Upper Peninsula Experience

Cameras are a must for visitors to have their photos taken with the cubs and take photos from viewing platforms of the bears at each of the habitats. Guests can pay $10 per group to take a few photos while feeding a cub on their camera. 

Not only is Oswald’s Bear Ranch unique, but educational, too. They encourage visits with free school bus field trips to educate children and adults alike about bear cub rescues, the raising and caring of cubs, and the care that they receive as they become adults and beyond. The ranch has raised platforms to allow visitors a barrier-free view which is perfect for photos and videos. Tens of thousands of people visit the ranch year after year!

Grab a souvenir at the Bear Ranch Gift Shop

Dean and Jewel, owners of Oswald’s Bear Ranch, invite you to experience their great facility. During your visit, stop in at their gift shop for a variety of bear-related items such as clothing, hats, magnets, books, snacks and mugs just to name a few. You will also find some interesting news articles, old photos, family history and other historical memorabilia in the store. The bear ranch is one of Upper Michigan's top ten family-friendly attractions creating memories to last a lifetime. 


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