a small bunch of white trillium on the forest floor

Witness spring in Michigan in Tahquamenon Country

Spring in Michigan is especially unique in Tahquamenon Country, where waterfalls are roaring back to life and migrating birds are passing through.

Each year, just as the snow melts and the earth thaws from another cold Michigan winter, we see the first blossoms of life. New flowers bloom, birds return with a song and you should be coming to see us, too! Spring in Michigan is a vibrant time to explore the outdoors and full of activity, especially here in Newberry and Tahquamenon Country! 

Hike and take advantage of the flourishing Spring wildlife

Spend hours hiking and bird watching along the Lake Superior Birding Trail. One of the prime spots is Whitefish Point, which has acreage that is part of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. This spot is a destination for migrating birds returning back after winter, so there is always a chance to see a new species in this season. Spring in Michigan is also the perfect opportunity to spend time fishing our waters, watching for other wildlife around. You may see a moose!

Experience the roaring waterfalls of Spring

It wouldn’t be spring without some waterfall watching, and it wouldn’t be waterfall watching without visiting Tahquamenon Falls. The Upper Falls roar with more life than before as spring returns to Michigan. Take the 94 steps down to the viewing deck for an up-close experience. You’ll feel the misty spray of the water crashing below you! Don’t forget to give the Lower Falls a visit, too. These smaller falls cascade around an island that you can row out to. As a hint of what’s to come in the summer, dip your toes into the refreshingly cool water while on your hike.

Learn about Newberry and Tahquamenon Country

While here, stop in our museums and learn fascinating stories about harrowing Great Lakes shipwrecks, Tahquamenon Falls’ role in the lumber industry and Luce County history. You can also visit our historic lighthouses along the coast, freshly painted with a blue sky backdrop from the seasons’ change. Pick more activities from the subjects below! 

Plan your Spring visit to Newberry

A visit to Newberry in the spring means bustling wildlife, fantastic hikes and Tahquamenon Falls at its roaring peak. Start planning your spring visit today!


Kirkland Warbler
POV biker racing down a dirt track in the forest
Yellow Ladyslippers
Tahquamenon Falls in summer
scenic shot of Crisp Point Lighthouse
a small bunch of white trillium on the forest floor
closeup of rocks
Blackburian Warbler on a pine tree limb
The Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat heading up the river.
The northern lights over Lake Superior