Whitefish Point Lighthouse courtesy of Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association

Whitefish Point: Three U.P. attractions in one location

Visit Whitefish Point, an hour north of Newberry, Michigan, to see the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and Whitefish Point Lighthouse and Bird Observatory.

Reach Whitefish Point from Newberry in an hour

Whitefish Point is one of the most popular destinations on the Upper Peninsula. This cape is at the northeastern tip of the U.P., an hour north of Newberry, and marks the entry point to Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior. The area is the Graveyard of Ships. Of the 550 known major shipwrecks lying on the bottom of Lake Superior, 200 are near Whitefish Point, including the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald that sank 15 miles northwest from this site in 1975. Not only is this a premier place to learn about Great Lakes shipwreck history, it is a favorite destination for rockhounding and freighter and bird watching. Plan to spend two to three hours when you visit. 

Plan your Whitefish point trip around these destinations

Whitefish Point Lighthouse

This is the oldest operating lighthouse on Lake Superior. First lit in 1849, it has guided many mariners into the bay when raging winds and perilous waves threaten their safety on Lake Superior. Learn more.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum 

This museum houses top-quality exhibits of shipwreck models and artifacts, including the bell of the famous steamer Edmund Fitzgerald. While you are here, visit the restored Lightkeepers Quarters and Lifeboat Station Surfboat House, too. Learn more.

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

This observatory is on an ancient migratory flight path for tens of thousands of birds each spring and fall — over 300 species have been documented here! This is renowned as one of the most important spring flight corridors for raptors in North America. Learn more.

Base your Upper Peninsula adventures from Tahquamenon Country

When you stay in Tahquamenon Country, you are never far from some of the most popular attractions in the Upper Peninsula, including Whitefish Point. Book your hotel now on the dates you want, then start planning the best day-trip adventures ever!

The hero image is courtesy of the Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association  


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