a woman kayaking gently down a river

Tahquamenon Falls Watersports

Launch a canoe, swim in the Lower Tahquamenon Falls and witness uninterrupted wildlife while kayaking the Tahquamenon River. Learn more here!

Our location makes it hard to choose which lake you would like to enjoy. Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Big Manistique Lake, Round Lake, South Manistique Lake, Bass Lake, Hulbert Lake, Trout Lake, Brevort Lake, Rexton Lake, Kaks Lake, Pike Lake, and Culhane Lake are all within one hour of Newberry. With that variety, you can enjoy boating, sailing, jet skiing and more on the water. That being said, one of the best places to enjoy the water is in Tahquamenon Falls State Park. While you can always bring your own kayak, stand-up paddleboard or canoe on your trip, here is where you can enjoy Tahquamenon Country Watersports if you don’t have one. 

Lower Tahquamenon Falls: Nature-made waterpark

Some destinations have built splash pads for the kids, but Tahquamenon Country comes with one that’s been around for decades! Spend a hot summer day swimming in the Lower Tahquamenon Falls’ natural outdoor waterpark. Dip your toes into the cascading, cold-to-the-touch waters that are the perfect cool down after hiking through Tahquamenon Falls State Park. 

If you aren’t looking to get soaked or you forgot your swimsuit, visit the Lower Tahquamenon Falls on a slightly windy day. You’ll enjoy the views, tranquil sounds and get the perfect mist from the roaring waters. 

Boat rentals in Tahquamenon Falls State Park

If you’re looking to rent a rowboat or canoe, you’ll find them near the Lower Tahquamenon Falls at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Call the park at (906) 492-3415 for information on cost. 

You can also kayak or canoe the Tahquamenon River with rentals from The Woods, located on M-123 between Newberry and Paradise. Two trip options both offer easy paddling for beginners. Along the way, you’ll see wildlife in their natural ecosystems, including beaver, mink, otter, deer, bear, moose, wolves, bald eagles, blue herons and sandhill cranes. It is recommended you call at least 24 hours ahead to check availability at (906) 203-7624. 

If you bring your own canoe or kayak, you can travel the 17 miles of Tahquamenon River from the Lower Falls to the river mouth, putting in at either location. Regardless of if you choose to paddle or just splash around in the water yourself, a day in the water is the perfect mix of relaxation and activity! 


Kirkland Warbler
POV biker racing down a dirt track in the forest
Yellow Ladyslippers
Tahquamenon Falls in summer
scenic shot of Crisp Point Lighthouse
a small bunch of white trillium on the forest floor
closeup of rocks
Blackburian Warbler on a pine tree limb
The Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat heading up the river.
The northern lights over Lake Superior