a father and daughter hiking a wide path in woods

Tahquamenon Country: A Pure Michigan® Trail Town

As a Pure Michigan® Trail Town, Tahquamenon Country boasts miles of trails for equestrian use, paddling, hiking, biking and snowmobiling.

Being named a Pure Michigan® Trail Town helps give the Village of Newberry access to opportunities and grants that will help us build on our existing trails and create more trails for visitors and locals alike. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of public land, vast forests, miles of rivers and streams and thousands of acres of lakes. Here’s what we have to offer for recreation trails in Luce County — otherwise known as Tahquamenon Country! 

Equestrian trails

There are over 25 miles of dedicated equestrian trails and a dedicated equestrian campground in Luce County. Located at Headquarters Lake State Forest Campground, there are six designated sites designed to accommodate equestrian use available on a first-come, first-served basis. For those wishing to park and ride for the day, there is also an equestrian day-use staging area at this location, which gives them access to the trails. 

Water trails

There are over 658 miles of rivers and streams that can be kayaked and canoed. Two very important rivers in the state of Michigan lie in Luce County: the Tahquamenon River (89 miles) with the largest waterfall outside of Niagara east of the Mississippi, and the world-famous Two-Hearted River (24 Miles). Not to mention the 161 lakes and 32 miles of near-pristine Lake Superior Shoreline that can be enjoyed in our county.

Snowmobiling trails

There are roughly 200 miles of snowmobile trails throughout Luce County that are maintained by three different snowmobile grooming operations: Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association (TASA), Paradise Area Night Riders (PANR) and Grand-Marais Sno-Trails Association. Trail 45 Charcoal Grade Trail is the only snowmobile trail in the state of Michigan that has been designated a Pure Michigan® trail. It is maintained by both TASA and PANR. These dedicated groups are responsible for some of the best trail riding in the entire state!

ORV/ATV trails

There are truly uncountable miles of places to ride ORV/ATV’s in Luce County. Between the 239 miles of ORV/dirt bike/ATV trails, hundreds of miles of newly-open forest roads, and hundreds of miles of county roads that are open to ORV/ATV use, there is no better place to look for riding than Newberry. 

Hiking and biking trails

There are well over 120 miles of designated hiking trails as well! From Canada Lakes – which can also be used in the winter as a maintained cross-country ski trail – to the federal North Country trail, there are amazing places to go hiking in and around Newberry. With so many open roads, there are hundreds of miles you can explore on road bike, mountain bike and more.

Spend time on our trails soon!

Tahquamenon Country applied to receive these dedications because when something is the best, it deserves recognition. Newberry is the best place for any and all trails you could look for. Luce County Parks and Recreation has been committing themselves to adding more biking and hiking trails and upgrading those closest to town. Newberry Area Skinny Ski Association has been steadfast in maintaining Canada Lakes Cross Country Ski Pathway, TASA, PANR and Grand Marais Sno-Trails Association maintain the absolute best snowmobile trails in the state, and the devoted volunteers that maintain and upgrade the National North Country Scenic Trail that runs through our county deserve this recognition and award.

Come experience these well-preserved, tranquil trails for yourself! 


Kirkland Warbler
POV biker racing down a dirt track in the forest
Yellow Ladyslippers
Tahquamenon Falls in summer
scenic shot of Crisp Point Lighthouse
a small bunch of white trillium on the forest floor
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Blackburian Warbler on a pine tree limb
The Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat heading up the river.
The northern lights over Lake Superior