museum display of a scuba diver at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

Historical and cultural things to do in Newberry

Learn more about the lumber industry, Great Lakes shipwrecks and lighthouses, and enjoy the many historical and cultural things to do in Newberry.

The landmarks around you aren’t just destinations to look at for their beauty; they’re clues about the history and cultures of what once was. The same is true in the area around Newberry, Tahquamenon Country. There is no limit to the historical and cultural things to do in Newberry. 

Visit the historical lighthouses peppering our coastline. In their heyday, they guided Great Lakes ships to safety, and some still do! Learn about the lightkeepers who made sure these navigational necessities were maintained while you’re there. 

Speaking of those Great Lakes ships, Lake Superior is known for its many shipwrecks. Tales like the Edmund Fitzgerald are grim reminders of what the big lake is capable of and how many ships perished while traveling in storms. Learn about these shipwrecks and find artifacts recovered from them at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point. 

If you’re visiting Tahquamenon Falls, don’t miss out on expanding that knowledge by going to the Tahquamenon Falls Logging Museum. Back in the day, the Tahquamenon Falls and River weren’t just a place to gaze at mother nature’s creation in wonder; they played a large role in the lumber industry, a core contributor to our economy at one point. 

Afterward, you can visit the Luce County Historical Museum to learn about founding members of the community and the Native Americans who were here before us. This building used to be the old sheriff’s residence and jail, so you’ll see original jail cells, a judge’s bench and witness stand. Kids can also get a taste of what the classroom and home looked like decades ago inside the schoolhouse, kitchen, parlor rooms and bedrooms. 

Don’t pass up the chance to enhance your trip to Tahquamenon Country by educating yourself about what existed before it was a popular tourism destination! 

Photo courtesy of Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association


Kirkland Warbler
POV biker racing down a dirt track in the forest
Yellow Ladyslippers
Tahquamenon Falls in summer
scenic shot of Crisp Point Lighthouse
a small bunch of white trillium on the forest floor
closeup of rocks
Blackburian Warbler on a pine tree limb
The Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat heading up the river.
The northern lights over Lake Superior